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The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

You raise your thoughts to the highest heavens, even though you are at your lowest. You drink of the wonders of so much written, yet find no merit to quench the thirst that is drinking you up. You hear more words, and see much more evils … What should be, what should be? The puzzles … Continue reading The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

Dare to Dream

Dearly beloved: Tonight, three things will happen: all three unfortunate, all three avoidable. Tonight, in an obscure village somewhere in the vast lands called Nigeria, a faceless child will die a senseless death (the latest casualty of that long war against the hordes of Malaria, polio, typhoid…) because someone in an obscenely decorated mansion had … Continue reading Dare to Dream

April Breeze

April Breeze

Its a tale of never-ending words Simple yet subtle, piercing as a sword Twilight moon breeze escorts the setting sun I‘ll never grow weary of telling till the early morn Lords and Ladies, Masters and Minions Lessons of love humble their millions Looming vagueness lingering on hope Onward marching with bloodshot eyes Victors in perseverance, … Continue reading April Breeze