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Rants Of A Young Nigerian

Rants Of A Young Nigerian

My soul faints within me My heart is soaked in regret The thought that I had lived in error all these years kills me Out of the belly of this regret, I write these words. These words are the words I had always wanted to write but then it took me this long to get … Continue reading Rants Of A Young Nigerian

Orunmila’s Letter-Episode 28-Torn Apart

She chose not to call him the moment she got into the country. Her sole aim was to surprise him. “Is he around?”She asked his receptionist. “No Ma,he went out with Miss Patricia” “Okay,thanks Dear” **** “My best friend” Ayike affirmed as she hugged her tightly when she arrived at home. “I’ve been cooking for … Continue reading Orunmila’s Letter-Episode 28-Torn Apart

Orunmila’s Letter-Episode 23-The Confrontation

She was relieved when the receptionist told her to go in. Her swollen eyes were hidden by a concealer,she wore a blue knee length gown with black pump heels,a costume jewellery,golden ring and a pair of reading glasses. They were conversing delightfully when she knocked at the door. Simon jumped out of his chair the … Continue reading Orunmila’s Letter-Episode 23-The Confrontation

Orunmila’s Letter-Episode 14-The Love Birds 2

He felt so dizzy when he woke up at late midday. To his amazement,he saw Ireti reading an American novel titled Equiano’s Travels. “Aren’t you tired? You should go..”He urged her weakly. “Stop trying to get rid of me! Try standing up,can you walk? I massaged your leg with an ointment while you were asleep. … Continue reading Orunmila’s Letter-Episode 14-The Love Birds 2

Orunmila’s Letter-Episode 12-The Acquaintance 5

“You have to become more attuned to the spirit John. You’ve got the gift! But you jump into conclusions rather quickly. Stop listening to people!! Stop assuming things. Not everyone that shouts “hallelujah” in church has got a clean heart or even received salvation. That was a mistake I made when I was sent to … Continue reading Orunmila’s Letter-Episode 12-The Acquaintance 5

Orunmila’s Letter – Episode 2 (And the Spiritual Hosts Convened)

Orunmila’s Letter – Episode 2 (And the Spiritual Hosts Convened)

We have to seek Xale’s attention now! Pontius roared’ the legion was convening in Orunmila’s shrine. The atmosphere was tense and heavy,as dark smoke increasingly filled the arena whenever the demons roared out words. They hadn’t foreseen the dynamic transformation Ayetoro had undergone,especially inspite of all their efforts. With Alao’s sudden change of heart,confusion had … Continue reading Orunmila’s Letter – Episode 2 (And the Spiritual Hosts Convened)


Orunmila’s letter. Episode 1

Hmmmm! Alao mused as he threw the cowrie one more time. This was his seventh try,and the outcome of this remained the same, the gods required him to take his life. He threw the cowrie and his traditional paraphernalia against the wall, and started pacing back and forth in his dim lighted shrine. A boisterous … Continue reading Orunmila’s letter. Episode 1


THERE IS GOD Oooooooo!

BOKO HARAM Birthed in the 21st century, A name to be reckoned with forcefully, Even babies in the womb knows that you exist, And when they step into this part of the world, They are been prayed for “May you not be a victim of Boko-haram And everyone says “Amen”. Both young and old never … Continue reading THERE IS GOD Oooooooo!