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Beautiful Wings – 6

Nimi sighed as she arranged the second to the last couple of files into the drawers. Her new Boss Lara Kitan was as disorganized as the word itself. Maybe it was because she could afford to hire people to work for her and even the most important files she didn’t have close by that disorganization … Continue reading Beautiful Wings – 6

Responsibility: Who is responsible?

The dishes piled up unwashed, Kitchen floor messy, Napkins stinky And cobwebs decorating the ceiling. Who is responsible? Taps left running, Water racing to the soakaway. Bath tub soapy and slippery. The mirrors displaying blur images. Not leaving out the stained sink with paste. Who is responsible? Beds have become boutiques. Pillows turned foot stools. … Continue reading Responsibility: Who is responsible?

Post-Modernism in Micheal Jackson’s and Whitney Houston’s Lyrics

From time immemorial man has not been able to resolve socio-economic issues such as war, hunger, famine, poverty and the likes despite huge resources that have been expended to ensure that these phenomena are surmounted. In this quest, several orthodox and non orthodox means has been suggested to combat man’s tripartite dilemmas. Literature has also … Continue reading Post-Modernism in Micheal Jackson’s and Whitney Houston’s Lyrics