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My Book Story 1

1 This would alarm you, just as it has alarmed everybody who have heard it from me, but at an age where most people were probably struggling with Ali and Simbi or Queen’s Premier, I, and my elder brother were dismantling bigger books. I remember reading authors like Jeffery Archer (whose book KANE AND ABEL, … Continue reading My Book Story 1

5 Great Ways To Generate Ideas To Write About

You want to write, but you don’t seem to have any idea to write about. And you cannot give what you’ve not got, can you? Certainly no! Now that’s not palatable for you! But wait! What if you could be helped to effortlessly gather ideas to get your creative juice flowing? What if you could … Continue reading 5 Great Ways To Generate Ideas To Write About

Naija Stories Meetup 2012

Naija Stories Meetup 2012

As the year heads to a close, it is only fitting that we wrap up activities in the community by having another meet-up; as suggested at the first one held earlier this year. Read about that one here:  http://www.naijastories.com/2012/04/a-recap-of-the-naija-stories-lagos-meetup-2012/ The purpose for this is to take NS a step further – allow us interact, get … Continue reading Naija Stories Meetup 2012