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YEJIDE (episode 2)

  If you haven’t read the previous episode, please click YEJIDE (episode 1) When Yejide gave the man the money, she begged for her life to be spared and fortunately for her, he let her go. She wasn’t still herself even after she left the hotel that day. She couldn’t wait to get back home to … Continue reading YEJIDE (episode 2)

YEJIDE (episode 1)

The story of a prostitute….. Writer’s note: As you read this story, you will come across pidgin English in a few places. I’m sorry if you don’t understand pidgin because they were not really translated but I’m certain if you just follow it, you’ll understand the storyline and get to know what they mean. Apart from … Continue reading YEJIDE (episode 1)


MOTEL BLUES (part One) *** “I go marry next year”, Bella said in her fabulous pidgin as she busied by the dressing mirror. I froze as her words hit me. She instinctively turned my way and continued. “I don dey old for hia. I no for tell anoda babe, buh you be my padi. I … Continue reading MOTEL BLUES [Episode I]

Cypridophobia – The Fear of Prostitutes

Dear readers, I’ll not place any age restriction to reading this. However, I must let you know that this piece contains strong sexual languages. Therefore, if you know you can’t cope with such, you are advised to quit straightaway. The writer will not hearken to complaints of inconveniences while reading. I’m thinking if that first … Continue reading Cypridophobia – The Fear of Prostitutes