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A hatchet, a pen, and a locket – Episode 4

  Episode 4: Ik is back He ran out of the hut, ‘nna Anyi, nna Anyi! where are you?’, he shoted, calling out for the old man. ‘I am where you left me’, the old man said approaching from the back of the hut. Ik heaved a sigh of relieve. ‘I do not understand what … Continue reading A hatchet, a pen, and a locket – Episode 4

A Time full of Love

1. She was quite easily the most beautiful girl I knew, but when I asked her out and she said ‘No’ to me, I was glad. As I walked away from her right after, I heard her friends, clustering back about her, giggling, perhaps mocking; I ignored them – simply got into my car and … Continue reading A Time full of Love

Real Love Story . . . The Merciful God

  The young physician, moved by a great sense of passion, he went further and addressed God, though with an intended wild bitterness and anguish of his heart, but his spirit speak the words faster and piously that he could bring himself to understand. He said “Oh God, if You were merciful, in Your illimitable … Continue reading Real Love Story . . . The Merciful God

Money, Power, Respect

Money, Power, Respect

When I attempt to critically look at the state of affairs on earth, among mankind, it’s a worrisome sight I behold. The supposedly enlightened have become overtly vain. Vanity of such propensity that it has transcended the materialistic dimension, becoming a force and source for mankind such that it’s definition borders on the thresholds of … Continue reading Money, Power, Respect