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The Coconut Conundrum (Episode Five)

‘Patience!’ The crowd echoed in disappointment. ‘What a stupid boy! What has patience got to do with sharing a coconut? This is the silliest answer so far. You just want to put your parents in agony. An answer could not be more laughable.’ Even Ukeme’s parents were disappointed in him. The immediately began to grieve … Continue reading The Coconut Conundrum (Episode Five)

The Coconut Conundrum (Episode Three)

Ukeme was hesitant at first. But he received the coconut without looking back at the fairy princess. ‘My princess but…’ ‘Not buts. The only place for butts in the life is the ash tray. Leave all the butts there. Go and share that coconut without dividing it. In seven years from today I will come … Continue reading The Coconut Conundrum (Episode Three)

The Coconut Conundrum (Episode Two)

‘Don’t stare at them,’ Akan whispered to his son. ‘Don’t dare look into their eyes else you will be charmed.’ ‘How dare you speak in my presence when you have not been spoken to?’ Roared the beautiful woman. She pointed a finger at Akan and he suddenly became transfixed in one spot. He suddenly became … Continue reading The Coconut Conundrum (Episode Two)