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Rat Palava (part 3)

Writers note: Please read the part 1 and 2 to follow the story. Food na for belle and belle na for food. If you no believe me go ask Mr. Paul wey fast for only one day,one day o, naim he begin hear e name. He begin tell people say dem dey call am. Who … Continue reading Rat Palava (part 3)

Rat Palava  (Part 2)

Rat Palava (Part 2)

As if wetin I hear for phone neva do, wetin I hear for inside the bus wey carry me reach the bustop wey near my house, no be wetin my mouth fit talk finish. But I go try talk am, after all, person wey electric shock still get mouth take shout. Make una help me … Continue reading Rat Palava (Part 2)

Water Palava (1)

We dey suffer for water,no be small, we dey suffer. Government say dem don provide water, dem call am pipe borne water, but water we nor see, pipe we nor see, talk less borne. Na only some people kukuma get am. For our face-me-I-face- you, you must find water fetch for night before man pikin … Continue reading Water Palava (1)

Today na Today…PART 3

Today na Today…PART 3

Please read the first and second part before you read this… Some pepo go dey wonder why I wan revenge for church today. Well sha na small ting make crayfish bend-condition. I must not fall my pepo hand for warri. Bcus if dem hear dis tori, and say I no do my own back dem … Continue reading Today na Today…PART 3