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The mysteries of life untold, Is in the barcode of our blood, the DNA, the master craftsman designed it for a purpose, the puzzle of existence, as we are a broken chain, one human, one existence, one source. Begs us, look, seek and find, in question of ourselves, our being, our source, do we have … Continue reading Redemption

Who says life is simple?

Who says life is simple?

Slow and steady Slow and steady The world moves… Fast and hurriedly Fast and hurriedly Man moves… This train of proposition brings about equilibrium in the universal make up, thus making the world complex. Understanding these undefined complexities to some varying extent ushers in the concept of “simplicity”. The world comprises three persons-Marxist theorem. This … Continue reading Who says life is simple?

This world is not simple

Sometimes, I just lie down on my bed and begin to ruminate on issues and experiences. On this particular day, this is what I thought about. It might not pass for a story, but should be an interesting read… enjoy! There are no simple things in this life. Things are simple because we assume them … Continue reading This world is not simple