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WHITE TOILET And baby – Stella (Part 2)

WHITE TOILET And baby – Stella (Part 2)

Early morning the next day, some policemen stormed auntie Kate’s house, demanding her presence at the State Criminal Investigation Department. She couldn’t believe her eyes, and never expected them – she would have preplanned before their arrival. But nothing could be done; she asked them innocently; ‘Officers, please can I make a call?’ ‘Madam we … Continue reading WHITE TOILET And baby – Stella (Part 2)

It Gets Lonely

Living within the dictates of this world’s definition of existence. Dying with each attempt to match society’s image of the relevant. Loneliness is, whether in the crowd of 3, or a 100 times that maybe, But most disturbing: strangers in this society are our daily surrounding. A society that keeps claiming it understands we, Denying … Continue reading It Gets Lonely

Tell Me About Yourself

“So, tell me about yourself.” He gives me this instruction flippantly. But he doesn’t seek a serious response apparently. Since we began conversing, I’d identified his real interest; One that his eyes declared before his lips formed a sentence. It really wasn’t difficult, he made it plain as day And although my face kept his … Continue reading Tell Me About Yourself

The Heart I Once Called Home…

  It’s been too long and my heart is a witness So my running open-armed towards you ought be blamed on joy and not fitness. Through the crystal-like film veiling my eyes, you see why my words are few. But instead of mirroring my actions you expose me to a loook which ought replace a … Continue reading The Heart I Once Called Home…