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Sorry, no blood for you!

My chest was tight and I could hear the polyphonic tone that my harsh, labored breathing produced. It is a terrible feeling to go from hale and gay to a state where you are almost certainly sure that death will be dining with you soon, except you seek for help. The culprit of my predicament … Continue reading Sorry, no blood for you!

Sambisa forest

The approaching footsteps thumps, Drawing dust to disturb the peace of nature Like enraged men in turmoil, warring against tranquility Bearing the wombs of the future on the guillotine of lush plains Sambisa forest,welcomes unwanted visitors into her serene ambiance In slavery procession under the watchful eyes of mother moon Tears trail the young wombs … Continue reading Sambisa forest

Edge of Glory and Gory

Edge of Glory and Gory

Edge of Glory & Gory   E.G.G   Next daily   “Moon, Vol. 35: No. 619, page….”   Page your beak! State the day, month and year, you stupid brat!   Yes sir, Thursday, October 3, 1964. p. 12, title, “The Pains of Animals in the Pen – An association of Animal Rights Activists, under … Continue reading Edge of Glory and Gory