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Next Year

  “You have to be married this time next year”   This sounded like a decree Spelt out in tablet screen I have no problem with that As long as my husband to be Can hear my father speak “You have to be married this time next year”   Is the marriage about you or … Continue reading Next Year

The Day I Will Never Forget, Episode 5: Miss Agbo Tells Her Story

READ EPISODES 1 – 4 We continued the journey in silence. Miss Agbo lived in Ikate, a neighborhood in Surulere.  It was far from my school, which was all the way in Apapa, so on our way, we ran into traffic.  With all the grunting and complaining that came from my mother, I began to … Continue reading The Day I Will Never Forget, Episode 5: Miss Agbo Tells Her Story

In His Shadows (2)

In His Shadows (2)

INT. EVENING. BEDROOM (Deola’s mother and father are arguing.. father prepares to leave the house) ALICE Why will you ignore my calls throughout the day? I called your office and your cell phone, but you didn’t respond.You didn’t even try to call back.Chris for Christ sake, you are my husband! Behave like it! CHRIS (continues … Continue reading In His Shadows (2)

Screen Play – In His Shadows (1)

FADE IN: INT. A SITTING ROOM-MORNING A well furnished sitting room.Big enough with basic requirements for a middle class apartment. Sinach’s All things are possible is playing on the background stereo. DEOLA …(dressed in secondary school uniform, she is miming the song) …Mum where did you keep my school bag? (shouts at the top of … Continue reading Screen Play – In His Shadows (1)

Child Story (1)

In the late 70s and mid-80s, it was wonderful to be a kid in Northern Nigeria. We had a pleasant childhood. You know all those adventures you read and day dreamed about? We had them all. Now, if all the adventures you read about were all Enid Blyton, flying broomsticks and brooks and meadows and … Continue reading Child Story (1)

Parenting As A Child – Welcoming Charles III

I recently had a child, a second and a boy. He came almost five years after the first, in spite of my dodging tactics. Now that he has come, I have been quite excited, the kind of tearful excitement you feel but cannot fully express. Somehow, the excitement is entirely different from what the majority … Continue reading Parenting As A Child – Welcoming Charles III

Owambe on a weekday

Owambe on a weekday

‘Hi. My name is Dapo. Ibidapo William Adesida’ That was my Father. He was perhaps the baddest guy in south western Nigeria at the time. He wore a trench coat, kept a beard and smoked a pipe. Ibidapo William Adesida had swag…even in the 50s. He came to Ibadan from Owo, his home town, in … Continue reading Owambe on a weekday