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A Eulogy to Death (Expanded from conventional African wisdom)

We are born to die – if not now then later. In other words, we live to die. Death is the common destiny of man – all men no matter of what race, sex, age, status or the god they serve. Whether one likes it or not, one will face Death ultimately. It is only … Continue reading A Eulogy to Death (Expanded from conventional African wisdom)

Ode To Chinua Achebe

Africa pays tribute to a man Whose works gave African Literature a say. Death visits every man But there are men, time can’t take away. He lived a life of great glory Leaving a legacy of honesty & patriotism For the unborn children with their untold story And for Nigeria in her retrograde rhythm. They … Continue reading Ode To Chinua Achebe

Ode to Nigeria

NIGERIA Oh Nigeria our Nigeria Green gem of Africa Oh Nigeria our Nigeria Our motherland in Africa   Oh Nigeria our Nigeria Our country our bounty Oh Nigeria our Nigeria Our homeland our dwelling   Oh Nigeria our Nigeria One nation beautiful people Oh Nigeria our Nigeria Diverse culture one people   Oh Nigeria our Nigeria Highly favored naturally blessed Oh Nigeria our Nigeria Future of Africa and … Continue reading Ode to Nigeria