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5 Popular Myths about the NYSC Camp…you probably thought were true

Thursday, 13 October 2016 5 POPULAR MYTHS ABOUT THE NYSC CAMP (you probably thought were true) You’ve probably read a lot of thrills and feels about the NYSC orientation camp online- Except, of course, you exclusively subscribe to just whatsapp data plans, because I doubt if any publisher will devote a paperback to those sort … Continue reading 5 Popular Myths about the NYSC Camp…you probably thought were true

My NYSC Camp Experience

My Camp Experience I came to Nigerian for holiday Go and stay for three months there, they said But soon plans began to change Go for NYSC was the next thing I heard. I mumbled and grumbled, did all to complain But all my mumblings were in vain 11 March 2014, a day never to … Continue reading My NYSC Camp Experience

Clarion Call 9

  By this time, I had completely adjusted and the once rigorous camp routines bothered me no more. I was encompassed by a slight sense of relief mingled with urgent haste and pleasure that was overshadowed with regret. In the better part of three weeks, I had been through many new and intense experiences: some … Continue reading Clarion Call 9

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The Clarion Call II

Walking up from the field, the illustrious Mammy Market was set in a small, uppermost north-east corner of the camp. It had little less than one score canopies spread out in all directions, including centre. I think most people went there primarily for food, I know I did and the majority of traders there sold … Continue reading The Clarion Call II

The Clarion Call I

On that day, one hundred thousand young men and women were summoned from the solace of their homes to one of almost three dozen centers across this country. I was one of them and like each of my colleagues, I had no choice in the matter. We were all going to ‘serve our nation’ with … Continue reading The Clarion Call I



Leaving school is a dream. The intense desire of every student springing from the very first day he gets to school. No matter how zealous the scholar is about schooling, there is always a longing for that afterlife beyond those walls – to more engaging tasks, into another unfamiliar terrain, to conquer new climes and … Continue reading MEMOIRS OF A GOVERNMENT PIKIN – ‘Pre-Camping’ Period

The Case Against NYSC (3)

The Case Against NYSC (3)

Finally, to underscore NYSC’s woeful mishandling of corps members, let us discuss the use of corpers by INEC in the just-concluded electoral exercise. When I heard, sometime in 2010, that the NYSC Director-General, Brig.-Gen. M.I. Tsiga, had signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Professor Attahiru Jega, the Chairman of INEC, to the effect that corpers … Continue reading The Case Against NYSC (3)