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Dazzle Me Chapter 3 (Novel Excerpt)

    CHAPTER III The seat belt lights came on as the air hostess said through a microphone. “We would be at the Lagos Muritala Mohammed airport in a couple of minutes so we encourage all passengers to fasten their seat belts” she said, her accent sounding almost British. So he had decided to go … Continue reading Dazzle Me Chapter 3 (Novel Excerpt)

Dazzle Me Chapter 2 (Novel Excerpt)

CHAPTER II The money, the cars and the girls had been the fast life for Clinton Okoye for as long as he could remember. So, his deprivation yesterday night till early this morning was a bitter pill to swallow. He had no access to his money, his car had been confiscated and his girl had … Continue reading Dazzle Me Chapter 2 (Novel Excerpt)

Dazzle Me (Chapter 1)

    Chapter I The bright neon lights shone seductively between red and pink. The sign had that peculiar allure that enticed people to come in. A night club in the sub-urban area of the nation’s capital, Abuja. It was a few minutes to twelve and it was already getting filled to the brim despite … Continue reading Dazzle Me (Chapter 1)

Forbidden Love (episode 5)

If you haven’t read the previous episode, please click episode 4 Continuation…… I fidgeted when he looked back at me because I was a bit scared and it just felt awkward. He moved forward towards me and finally spoke up. Stammering and squeezing his face in disgust he said, “They…they  share th…that at my work pla…place so … Continue reading Forbidden Love (episode 5)

Season One – A Novel by Ogenyi Emma Idinma

Season One – A Novel by Ogenyi Emma Idinma

Book Title: Season One Author: Emma Idinma Ogenyi Foreword by: Aloke Inyere Jnr. Publisher: Chiysonovelty International Year of Publication: 2012 Pages: 74 “When one arrives in the land of the spirit, it is not necessary seeking the dead. Amobelede village met an unimagined in one fateful afternoon. Even their diviner was dumbfounded when he saw … Continue reading Season One – A Novel by Ogenyi Emma Idinma