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Archibald Memorial Secondary School

It was September again. It was drizzling again. Students were back again. Teachers were frustrated again. It was resumption day. The time was past two pm, barely seven hours into the start of a new academic year and teachers were already fed up by the presence of their students and their parents. Students could be … Continue reading Archibald Memorial Secondary School

queen of the coast


       She-devil Woe unto the earth for the mistress of the devil has come to seduce, steal and slay. Hell will freeze over cause she has come with a great lust for revenge and destruction. WATCH YOUR BACK!!! COMING SOON!!! (c) Gabriel G Odigiri,2018

Dazzle Me Chapter 2 (Novel Excerpt)

CHAPTER II The money, the cars and the girls had been the fast life for Clinton Okoye for as long as he could remember. So, his deprivation yesterday night till early this morning was a bitter pill to swallow. He had no access to his money, his car had been confiscated and his girl had … Continue reading Dazzle Me Chapter 2 (Novel Excerpt)

Unraveling ep10 of 16

I can feel the warmth of his breath His hand and their sweat His body is hard, hard in all places Including his heart I can feel his edges Edges and his scoffs His smell is gripping, sweat smell intoxicating My senses are dwindling, My defenses breaking I hope he can feel mine too See … Continue reading Unraveling ep10 of 16

The Dead Area

The Dead Area – A Nigerian Zombie Apocalypse Story (2)

EPISODE TWO FUNMI 11 am that same day… Two students were missing last Monday, three on Tuesday, and four were declared missing on Friday two of whom were my close friends; Chiamaka and Evelyn. They simply disappeared without trace. My life has not been the same since last week. Those two were my pillars of … Continue reading The Dead Area – A Nigerian Zombie Apocalypse Story (2)

The “Monday” Weekend

It was a Monday. And as usual time had dragged. However, the work day finally came to a close. As I packed my books and laptop into my back-pack there was only one dominant thought on my mind – SLEEP! The fatigue of the studious weekend and the long night stayed with me all through … Continue reading The “Monday” Weekend

Planet Pluto In Portharcourt (Part 2 of 2)

There’s this new girl in his class who came in through direct entry, her name is Mercy. He admired her from a distance because she was the definition of brain and beauty. Mere looking at her makes him happy, and one day he decided to go talk to her. She was very pleasant, mild mannered, … Continue reading Planet Pluto In Portharcourt (Part 2 of 2)

Beautiful Colors Of Sin: 2b

From then on each time Bimbo and Cindy went on their rendezvous, Sandra and I just wished them luck and safe return. Sandra became withdrawn after that conversation. I noticed that she was no longer as close to both Bimbo and Cindy as she used to be. She avoided eating with them, using their body … Continue reading Beautiful Colors Of Sin: 2b

Marrying A Foreign Husband – Episode 1

Marrying A Foreign Husband – Episode 1

Gabriel combed his long hair while looking at himself with the mirror in the luxurious hotel bathroom he was in.Then he put his hair in a ponytail that made him look like a pirate. He was in Nigeria for an important mission and he had only a year to finish it before returning to the … Continue reading Marrying A Foreign Husband – Episode 1

The Sword And White Stuff Part 1 – AlabaOk

‘It will go well, Insha Allah’ said the man the group knew as Omar Fadir. Mohammed Isas, the eldest amongst the men sat on the ground, replied ‘We wish it so. As soon we receive the money from your people, through our intermediary in Dubai, the product will be delivered through the agreed route, within one … Continue reading The Sword And White Stuff Part 1 – AlabaOk