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The Path of Osiris

SWORD, STAFF AND SCEPTREBOOK 1PATHOFOSIRISPROLOGUE/PREFACEI was in the great Temple of Ramses, situated at Abu Simbel. My path took me through the sanctuary, the room that contained the statues of the four gods of Egypt, the room that contained lots more. The sword Ra-sengis at my side. It is a plain nondescript blade with white … Continue reading The Path of Osiris

Dreams of a Bird [Part 3]

For part 1 and 2, click here and here The morning arrived; the birds sang their tune, and with sweet lullabies flowing the man from the land of Ododo woke up. His night had been blessed with a woman gifted with true beauty. As he turned to look for this beauty, he saw nothing. She … Continue reading Dreams of a Bird [Part 3]