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Walking The Distance

If there is one thing sought after by everyone– men and women, as well as young and old alike–, it is success. Right from conception, man has been programmed to gravitate towards success. The quest for success is ubiquitous and cuts across race, belief, gender or culture. Now, we all hold a different definition of … Continue reading Walking The Distance

Yes! I Can – The Power Of Positive Thinking

You will never experience how powerful the word I CAN is,until you put it to use. Before this write-up, I used to think, “I can’t write!”. I allowed different thoughts to cross my mind. Thoughts like- I can’t, it is a waste of time or even that how many will appreciate it. But I was … Continue reading Yes! I Can – The Power Of Positive Thinking

Dance for hope

You live in a complicated world,
And unlike your feelings,
You don’t own it or control it.
Life has it’s music – a wild orchestra
With happenstance seemingly falling in and out of line;
Sometimes, it’s checkered tune is insufferable
And the passing of time may seem a miserable monotony.