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Heads You Lose; Hearts You Win. (Part 4 – Finale)

He’d been trying to reach her since the very onset of the plot but the loud nature of their jubilation over her imminent fall kept her conveniently distracted, thus she shook off his every warning and nudging as though He were the bothersome distraction. The others mocked Him and had a wonderful time while at … Continue reading Heads You Lose; Hearts You Win. (Part 4 – Finale)

What He Said…(Part 6 – Final)

When they walked into the living room holding hands just as Bola and his fiancée had done, the room fell silent. Mrs. Daramola couldn’t combine the look of barely contained elation and contentment on her niece’s face with the tear streaks lining them but Lola’s mother merely looked between Kole and her daughter and smiled, … Continue reading What He Said…(Part 6 – Final)

What He Said…(Part 4)

  The place was set. Mrs. Tosin Daramola, Bola’s mother, had jokingly commented earlier that morning on how she wished Bola would go through so many pains to make her house look like it did for the party, on a regular basis. The decorations were mostly in soft colors; light yet very appealing as the … Continue reading What He Said…(Part 4)

What He Said…(Part 3)

“Guy, you’re making this thing too much of a big deal. Lola adores you; I’m sure she’ll come around.” Bola sighed, for what seemed to be the fiftieth time that afternoon. He had asked his four closest friends to meet with him to discuss some final details of the party arrangements—and also to calm his … Continue reading What He Said…(Part 3)