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Love Beyond Reason 3

The next day Ugochi received a call from Frederick. “Hi.” “Hello dear,” he answered. “I just received a very distressing call from Ijay some minutes ago. She said it seemed your man saw us together the other day.” “Yes, I think he did. It’s not confirmed yet but he’s been acting very strange. I think … Continue reading Love Beyond Reason 3

Restore 2

Jade unlocked the door to the house just as the fixed line in her bedroom started ringing. She rushed into the room and picked up the phone on the fifth ring. It was her mum on the line. “Jade dear, how are you today?” “I’m fine mum.” Jade replied warily. She knew where the conversation … Continue reading Restore 2

Love in the Bar 15

I found my mum in her room reading a paperback novel on her bed. After I knocked and entered, I went straight to where she was reclined and lay beside her. She looked at me in surprise but only smiled and drew me closer to her side as she gave me a hug. I felt … Continue reading Love in the Bar 15

Love in the Bar 14

All through the following week I was at times anxious, nervous or excited. I was scared and anxious that my aunt wouldn’t be successful in convincing my dad that he should allow the relationship go on, and then I was excited she would eventually make him see the light and he would come to his … Continue reading Love in the Bar 14

Love in the Bar 13

I got to Enugu on Friday evening and was amazed at the changes that had taken place in the eastern city. Enugu had changed so much since I had been there last that I couldn’t believe it. The city exudes an aura of sophistication that was not present years back and I could see it … Continue reading Love in the Bar 13

Love in the Bar 12

I got to the office on Monday morning with the hope of hashing everything out and coming to a conclusion that could work for all. I did not plan to give up my love and life for silly traditions and I was ready to fight for what I believed in. I got to the office … Continue reading Love in the Bar 12