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12th September, 2014 Lagos, Western Nigeria. Eneh sat resignedly in his 2005 model Honda Civic saloon car. The traffic on the bridge was not moving any faster and the tropical heat of the day was replaced by engine and exhaust heat emanating from the cars crawling fender to bumper across the Third Mainland into both … Continue reading THE MADMAN’S RECOMPENSE (The Finalé)


As Eneh drove away from the school toward his workplace that morning, he kept wondering about the revelations. He recalled that morning, eight years ago, when Toby was handed over to him. The boy was barely four years old then. They had moved to Lagos and lived together even before he secured a job as … Continue reading THE MADMAN’S RECOMPENSE (Part Two)

He walked in madness

He walked in madness

Madman walked in dusty harmattan, in dirty brown sheda, he drew long shirt to his nape, he slouched and walked. Eyes stare blindly no charity for madman, he is not human, eyes trudge on, in sweaters,handgloves, caps and neckwraps, madman walked on, coatless,shoeless, capless,gloveless. face sad in cold, nobody cares, madman belongs to none, Not … Continue reading He walked in madness