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“Trix, wetin do your eyes?” “Na pepper oh. I bin take pepper hand rub my eyes by mistake.” “Every day pepper pepper. And you no be Yoruba.” I smiled and pulled out a chair. I looked at my cheap wristwatch. I was twenty-two minutes early to the afternoon lecture. I whispered a short prayer and … Continue reading Zoned

Next Year

  “You have to be married this time next year”   This sounded like a decree Spelt out in tablet screen I have no problem with that As long as my husband to be Can hear my father speak “You have to be married this time next year”   Is the marriage about you or … Continue reading Next Year

Lover’s ball – Part II

…turbine alight…almost vertical…save beauty…small kiss…hopeless…breaking…soul was taken…<eyes close> <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Detached from earth my weepy soul ascends into the sky Up where the angels dwell and the other lucky souls cry Incessant blare of trumpets salute the Almighty one He gazes down on me warmly like a father to a son Golden gates open wide like … Continue reading Lover’s ball – Part II