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Destined Path 1

Destined Path 1

It was August and we just moved into the neighborhood. I began making new friends in no time, my dad also registered me into a tutorial class in preparation for the next year’s WASSCE examination which I couldn’t register for as we needed a lot of money to enable us relocate to our new environment. … Continue reading Destined Path 1

And Another Love Story (6)

Last Episode Here There had never been an issue that gripped his heart as much as his current predicament. Even when the robbers had raped his beloved wife right in his presence, he had not felt this much broken. In his life, he had yearned for perfection; Tina came very close to it, but she … Continue reading And Another Love Story (6)

The Men She Loved (14)

Her face was pressed against her brother’s shoulder so Temi missed the look of dismay that undoubtedly crossed her features. When her brother released her from his hug, just before she was about to pass out from lack of air, she walked over to Temi and smiled. Temi who was now standing returned her smile. … Continue reading The Men She Loved (14)

The Men She Loved (12)

She stood in the driveway staring into space. That had gone very differently from what she had imagined. She had predicted that he would grumble, she would coax and they would have settled into their old routine. But perhaps their old routine had been detrimental to Lanre’s self-esteem. She had always known he harbored some … Continue reading The Men She Loved (12)

The Men She Loved (9)

Ada looked at her in shock, and then pain flashed across the features of her best friend. But it was only for a second, before they were contorted into a combination of anger and disgust. “When he leaves you broken, and weeping, don’t call me,” she hissed, as she spun her huge stomach around and … Continue reading The Men She Loved (9)

The Men She Loved (7)

The Pomeranians must have sensed their mummy’s tension, because even though the lights were off they refused to settle down and sleep. Tumble, the girl, named so because she had a funny habit of falling over when she tried to run, was currently standing and trying to jump unto the bed where Lola was. Rumble, … Continue reading The Men She Loved (7)

The Men She Loved (4)

Lola sat in her comfy chair wearing her university sweater and beach shorts, sucking the remaining pepper soup from the bowl. Her doorbell rang and then rang again. She wasn’t expecting anyone and was tempted to just ignore it “Lola, I know you’re in there. Open up,” the bell rang again. She unfurled herself from … Continue reading The Men She Loved (4)