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On the Road to Makurdi: Episode 3 (The Truth According to Sewuese)

Meanwhile, I called Luke Abanyam, my host in Makurdi, who picked me up in his car, and took me home.  His wife, Hannah had cooked a sumptuous breakfast to welcome me to their city.  After eating, they both left to go to work, since it was Friday morning.  I promptly fell asleep. By the time … Continue reading On the Road to Makurdi: Episode 3 (The Truth According to Sewuese)

Playing The Substitute Game

Playing The Substitute Game. By Victoria Ozidu. In sports, substitutions are generally made to replace tired or injured players or to replace those who are not performing well. In relationships, the game of substitution is also played. Someone else is being used as a filler or to replace a significant other for a variety of … Continue reading Playing The Substitute Game

Transatlantic Sweethearts

Transatlantic Sweethearts

Transatlantic Sweethearts ‘I’am standing on the Nicon Hilton hotel now, on top of the parapet roof overlooking Abuja skyline…” Stephanie Nwuba babbled hurriedly fighting the chill that came with increase in altitude as she looked for the best position to place the mobile phone on her hand. She had just closed from work and was … Continue reading Transatlantic Sweethearts