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Photo credit: canva Driving down the dusty road under the scorching November sun was not really a trip I had foreseen myself making. I wiped off the perspiration from my face for the umpteenth time and sighed tiredly still trying to understand how I had let my fiancée, Chisom, talk me into travelling to Enugu … Continue reading Speechless

We’re Telling Lies (2)

That day in the classroom happened ten years ago. They still fought, flirted with others and tried to best each other. The difference was their meetings were more intense and in the secret they blew up together. When they announced to the world that they were together, the world stood still for awhile with its … Continue reading We’re Telling Lies (2)

Tell Her Something Sweet

Tell her something that she will soon not remember. Words that will blow over her gently She would sway and then stagger ever so slightly To pleasant vocabulary which truly has no meaning. Though they be the most tired of repetitions -evidence of your disinterest to spare her a creative thought- This observation will concern her not As it is of less priority than … Continue reading Tell Her Something Sweet

If You Must Maintain the Mystery

If You Must Maintain the Mystery

There is a certain allure that mystery brings to an object, lifting it and enhancing its illusory. To be demystified is a not a very friendly affair. It does not encourage awe. That is why there is no much excitement in a 10 year old marriage. That is why your siblings are never great in … Continue reading If You Must Maintain the Mystery