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Lagos: The Land Of Lessons

      So yesterday I was robbed. This probably isn’t news to most of my fellow Lagosians but believe me, until it happens to you, it will seem as a trailer from a movie you watch on Netflix or FOX. It was quick, as though it was a rehearsed play for the stage. I … Continue reading Lagos: The Land Of Lessons

Welcome to Lagos: Inside the bus (S1E2)

  In loving memory of the last episode of  The Welcome to Lagos series, Danfo palavas (which can be found here by the way ), I offer you this sequel to ease your pains with as much quantum of laughter as you can muster. If you live in Lagos, and you’ve never noticed these categories … Continue reading Welcome to Lagos: Inside the bus (S1E2)

Falling in Love With My Best Friend: Episode 1

Episode 1: The Fire that Brought Our New Neighbors   It all started with fire. The fire that burnt our neighbor’s house started in the middle of the day, the time when most people are at work. But there are those whose place of employment is the home, and thanks to one of such people, … Continue reading Falling in Love With My Best Friend: Episode 1

Lord JJC: My first week In Lagos

Lagos, whew! I once told people I could never stay in Lagos. I had good reason to say so. I was bred and buttered in Ilorin, one of the most peaceful, coolest and sometimes boringest cities in Nigeria. In Ilorin, u pick taxis, if the driver refuses to reverse to where you are standing, you … Continue reading Lord JJC: My first week In Lagos

Danfo, Clouds

One Wednesday Evening…

“Praaaaaaaaise the Lord!” the call suddenly rang, quite cheerfully. But that wasn’t what made the eyes of most of the passengers widen… The bus had filled quite quickly that Wednesday evening; everyone was trying to escape the threatening clouds. Trust Wasiu and his conductor – all Dele needed was the signal, and the subsidy on … Continue reading One Wednesday Evening…

Outcast – Episode 7

I had been crawling behind Clara, on each and every step of the stairs. Scare beyond my wits, I had stubbornly refused to heed the foreboding fear churning at my guts. I thought I could handle it until the fear became paralyzing. Now, I wished I had listened to my gut instinct. I shouldn’t have … Continue reading Outcast – Episode 7