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Between Earning Shekels And Being Wedded

  Their words: I can’t marry a man who earns 200,000 or less. This is the topic trending hot on social networks all over the web. It has caused a mayhem, which rocks Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere. I met this one girl and after few flings we settled into the same argument. ***********************************************”Hey Bae!”, I … Continue reading Between Earning Shekels And Being Wedded

Skirt and Trouser.

Skirt and Trouser.

  Skirt and trouser muffle, ruffle together, Arrogantly with each, diseminating – Information crumble together to the eye That saw nothing – like nidity is bad – Incorrectly fit into is loose; exposition came.   The girl bent, flashing the wast naked Product schorching emotional Truma in vain are the arteries That quarrel – with … Continue reading Skirt and Trouser.

Her Man Palava-6

Hi Lovelies, I apologize for not posting on Friday, I had to deal with a lot of things. I hope you enjoy this episode. Don’t forget to drop a comment !. First time readers, catch the plane to episode 1 here: http://wp.me/p5JWsN-1p And if you missed the previous episode, drive back to episode 5 here:http://wp.me/p5JWsN-4X KARIS … Continue reading Her Man Palava-6

“Her Man Palava” -3

ZOE God knew that she was crazy in love with Andrew, crazy being the ‘Operative‘ word. She allowed her mind to drift to the first time she met Andrew. It had been on a plane on her way to Milton Keynes for her cousin’s wedding. She had just finished writing a very tough exam in … Continue reading “Her Man Palava” -3

Her Man Palava – Episode 1

The palava of selecting,knowing,trusting,loving before it leads to a happily ever after or a bucket full of tears…. ZOE Andrew Bakare’s looks should be banned. Zoe couldn’t help reaching that conclusion each and every time she thought about her boyfriend’s chiselled lips, long eyelashes, dimpled cheeks, strong white teeth, sculpted jaws and dark-coloured skin. He was … Continue reading Her Man Palava – Episode 1