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Having Cold Feet Before The Wedding, Real Or Just A Terrible Excuse?

So I was at this wedding a couple of months ago. Menh! I thought I had come for “THE WEDDING” but little did I know that ‘the wedding’ would turn out to be a bloody waste of time, energy, T-fare, makeup plus the N5000 Ankara material the bride had insisted we must all sew and wear … Continue reading Having Cold Feet Before The Wedding, Real Or Just A Terrible Excuse?


Prologue   Papa led me down the dusty path, pulling my hand as he went. From the corner of my eyes, I could see with the help of the dim light proffered by the crickets in the bushes that we had just passed Mama Osarodion’s Akara stall which stood almost at the outskirt of the … Continue reading FATAL ATTRACTION: The Prologue

The Faithful Boyfriend 2/2

For the previous episode of this, click HERE So, there was this other day, a colleague of mine, Faith had rushed into my apartment lamenting about how a stupid driver had splashed water on her dress. True to her words, her dress had been so soaked with mud that it was starting to stick to her … Continue reading The Faithful Boyfriend 2/2

The Faithful Boyfriend 1/2

She had her red blouse on and the blue jeans she told me she bought a month ago.  There was also a blue jacket on and from where I was standing watching her; I didn’t think I’d seen it before. Let me just quickly say this before I continue; knowing and getting familiar with my … Continue reading The Faithful Boyfriend 1/2

The Little Storyteller 2

For the first Episode, click here “So did you ask her?” Ij asked as soon as I jumped down from the car. From the little beads on her face, I could tell that she had been running to beat me to school this morning. We had had a bet about it and somehow I had overslept … Continue reading The Little Storyteller 2

The Little Storyteller

Mum had me when she was twenty-five years old. By then, she was all grown up, done with school, living by herself, and working; she even owned her own private business. One would think that was enough reason to be ready but mum said she didn’t ‘plan’ me. However, she didn’t neglect to hammer on … Continue reading The Little Storyteller

My Girlfriend’s Diary

It was a fancy book. One of those thick covered note books that had like hundred leaves in them and across the pages, a big ‘2015” was inscribed on it, in red ink. The book was brown, obviously leather-made with a belt across; but in front, towards the right corner of the book was a … Continue reading My Girlfriend’s Diary

Tales of Lakin

For the previous Tale of Lakin, kindly click here Chidinma’s plot Lakin wanted to speak but couldn’t find the right words to use. How was he going to explain what happened? Who would believe him if he said it wasn’t intentional? Even the gods wouldn’t believe him… It had been the latest hour of the … Continue reading Tales of Lakin

Keepers Of Options

“I’m like the moistened clay merged with grains of dust and sand” It was a Tuesday night and there was a loud bang on my door. Frankly, I thought the Oloshes had finally located my house and had come to rob me of my 1993 television on the shelf and the little change I had … Continue reading Keepers Of Options

A Taste On The Side 2

CHAPTER TWO The Encounter Ivory Hotels as far as Femi was concerned was one of the coolest hotels in Lagos. Probably that was an exaggeration but he could care less. He’d been there for at least three times now and had really started to consider making it his permanent residence as long as the money … Continue reading A Taste On The Side 2

Tales Of Lakin

Isi-Akpu Nise village, 1903 Lakinfeev worked swiftly realizing how fast the sun was descending beyond the horizon. Pausing abruptly, he stared at the large portion of land that seemed endless before him and wondered how in the name of the gods, he was ever going to finish cultivating it before the long expected rainy season … Continue reading Tales Of Lakin

A Taste On The Side

Prologue It was a perfectly articulated and executed plan-arrive quietly at the house, sneak into the compound, with the gun-silencer, shoot off the noisy dogs, then sneak up on the tipsy security guard and tie him up-mostly his mouth-then invade the house. It had been a fun night, Femi smiled; everything was a success. Actually, … Continue reading A Taste On The Side