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Beautiful Wings – 10

Episode 10. Enjoy!         The first thing Aisha felt when she woke up was the sharp pain coursing through her as she tried to rise from the bed. Her head felt heavy and she groaned when her legs felt like lead and the throbbing pain was coming from beneath her. The first … Continue reading Beautiful Wings – 10

Walking The Distance

If there is one thing sought after by everyone– men and women, as well as young and old alike–, it is success. Right from conception, man has been programmed to gravitate towards success. The quest for success is ubiquitous and cuts across race, belief, gender or culture. Now, we all hold a different definition of … Continue reading Walking The Distance

Live The Moment

Live The Moment

I’m lying here and talking to myself… Lemme start this the primary school debating society way: before I proceed, let me first define the paramaters. Live, What does it mean to live? Most people are alive and don’t live, how is this? According to the Advanced English Dictionary on my Windows phone, live (verb) denotes … Continue reading Live The Moment

Be Rich And Successful In The Blink Of An Eye

Who said there is no shortcut to success? The person lied or lets say the person did not tell you the complete truth. Life is not about the “Hustle”. Its about FOCUS.The path of life is not crooked. The road linking you to your goals (If you have any) is a straight path, what makes … Continue reading Be Rich And Successful In The Blink Of An Eye

writer frustrated block

Oh muse, where art thou?

The sound of silence surrounds me but the echo of my thoughts engulfs me My blinkers keep battering while iLie awake.. yet my emotions seem to be asleep with the rest of the world. Has my muse forsaken me? For all iFeel is the captivity of loss-for-words. So many thoughts and emotions to pen down … Continue reading Oh muse, where art thou?

A Rough Diamond: Chapter One, Part One

A Rough Diamond: Chapter One, Part One

It was a serene, quiet afternoon with the sun shining at its fullest, in all its glory. Little children were playing, and running back and forth in Inkalagu; a suburb in the city of Enugu, the eastern part of Nigeria. In a nearby birthing center, Chinwendu Mathews panted and labored to bring forth her fifth … Continue reading A Rough Diamond: Chapter One, Part One