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Illusion Episode 12 (finale)

2.15pm Zachary Hospital, Ajah, Lagos. Simeon pulled the car to a halt in the parking lot. He checked his wristwatch and realised he was fifteen minutes late for the meeting with the trio—Dr. Abdul Zakari, Miss Chinonye Ibeh and Kathryn. Simeon had calculated that a drive from his office to Ajah would not take any … Continue reading Illusion Episode 12 (finale)

Illusion Episode 11

8:13am December 14, 2013 Belmont, Western Australia. Nkeiru sat, a bit fidgety. Her eyes did a clean sweep of all illustrations on the wall; and to every other item that caught her attention—anything to keep her eyes, and mind, from Dr. Audre as she flipped through the pages of the file she held. When Dr. … Continue reading Illusion Episode 11

Illusion Episode 10

Kathryn buried her head in the hollow of her palms. Her forehead felt heavy, and it gave a bad ache too. She closed her eyes. For a moment, Kathryn wished everything about her could go into oblivion. Oblivion, she mused. A mild way to describe death. Kathryn raised her head a bit, only to find … Continue reading Illusion Episode 10

Illusion Episode 9

5:12pm Broad Street, Marina, Lagos Island. Simeon put the key into the ignition. He held on to the key, unable to start the car. Earlier, after receiving Dr. Zakari’s call—and, of course, notifying Pamela that the list Cajetan Amira needed was ready for typing—Simeon had cut out a blank sheet from the pad that lay … Continue reading Illusion Episode 9

Illusion Episode 8

6:12pm December 8, 2013 Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. David sat close to the television set. With keen interest, his eyes followed the fast-moving visual feedback. And his thumbs swiftly alternating the buttons of the gamepad in his hand. David knew he could now freely engage himself in repeated battles against the villains, only … Continue reading Illusion Episode 8

Illusion Episode 7

5:05am December 2, 2013 Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. She woke up with a start. She quickly assumed a sitting position and, in same fashion, pulled a pillow close. The room was obviously dark, but for Kathryn, it had a darker shade the first few seconds of her being awake. Slowly, she could make … Continue reading Illusion Episode 7

Illusion Episode 6

1:05pm Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. “Mum.” “Sorry, I didn’t—” Kathryn paused, immediately she saw Susan. David was grateful for Kathryn’s apparent surprise. It made him realize that his mother had showed up a little too late at the door; she heard—nothing. “Susan just came to pick a note she left the last time … Continue reading Illusion Episode 6

Illusion Episode 5

Cornerstone Estate, Ikeja, Lagos. Simeon heard the buzz of his mobile phone on its first ring. He stirred, thinking it was the wake-up call of his alarm. He felt unusually tired and wondered how short the night had been. The continued ringing—and tone—of his phone made him realise it was not his alarm ringing, but … Continue reading Illusion Episode 5

Illusion Episode 4

7:51am November 30, 2013 Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. She walked alone along the lonely, bushy path. She knew the dangers that part could bring and she also knew they lurked in the bushes, waiting for the opportune time. Kathryn heard footsteps behind her, and she quickened her pace. She perceived the acrid smell … Continue reading Illusion Episode 4

Illusion Episode 3

8:15pm Kathryn had her eyes fixed on the cup in front of her. “A DNA test?” “The result may come out negative.” Kathryn responded, not in direct response to Simeon’s question. Her eyes still fixed on the cup. “May—yeah. Still, I guess its only proper you allow me a glimpse of the big picture.” Simeon … Continue reading Illusion Episode 3


8:19 pm June 19, 1998 Ikenegbu Layout, Owerri. Kathryn walked with careful steps along the lonely dark bushy path. Her feet moved, one after the other, in swift strides; her thoughts maintained an equal pace too. Kathryn’s thoughts alternated between the possible dangers, she’d heard, that lurked in those paths; memoirs of the evening—well spent; … Continue reading Illusion

Crushes And Knights In Shining Armors Or Not

I like to feel relevant. I want someone to need me like the air they breathe like Celine Dion would say. I’d like someone’s world to revolve around me. That sounds really selfish I know. Maybe I am selfish but I can’t help but hope that someone will fall hopelessly in love with me. I … Continue reading Crushes And Knights In Shining Armors Or Not

If You Must Maintain the Mystery

If You Must Maintain the Mystery

There is a certain allure that mystery brings to an object, lifting it and enhancing its illusory. To be demystified is a not a very friendly affair. It does not encourage awe. That is why there is no much excitement in a 10 year old marriage. That is why your siblings are never great in … Continue reading If You Must Maintain the Mystery