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What Manner of Democracy “Dividends”?

Nigeria is a land of hypocrisy. The tragedy does not end there. Her people are so used to hypocrisy that they cannot face truth, so they remain un-free. There is hypocrisy in the home, church, mosque and in government offices. We – or rather or leaders – celebrate everything from the first 100 days in … Continue reading What Manner of Democracy “Dividends”?

A Full And Frank Discussion

A Full And Frank Discussion

“I think it’s time we had a full and frank discussion.”

“What? You mean it?”

“Yes. For too long, we have been tiptoeing around or even completely ignoring the major issues that really need to be discussed. We have been calling a spade a manual geomorphological modification implement. We have not been direct and honest. The time has come to change that!”

“Amen, brother!”