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Hospitality Business … (Part 2)

She wondered why she was using that tone of voice. “Ma !” she quickly put on her slippers and hurried downstairs. Halima had returned and was standing behind her seat. She was dressed in a tiny dress and her nails were beautiful as usual. Aunty had a look on her face she had never seen … Continue reading Hospitality Business … (Part 2)

Hospitality Business… (Part 1)

When Uyi left for the city and returned years later in a big black car to build a house for her mother and promise take her brothers back to Europe with her, the whole village was excited. Adesuwa remembered jumping up and down with other children as she watched her Cousin step out of her … Continue reading Hospitality Business… (Part 1)

Everyday Episode in Everyday life

Everyday Episode in Everyday life

It’s Monday morning, But the clouds has made the sky look like its mourning Although the clock says 4 O’clock Homo sapiens can no longer keep their doors under lock As they hurriedly enter the courtyard Individually but collectively, everyone chattering away in the yard A little gossip, a little hiss, a little sigh Someone … Continue reading Everyday Episode in Everyday life