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Saving Nollywood

Truth be told, Nollywood is in deep trouble. Don’t conclude yet that you know its troubles because there are more that meet the eyes. I’m one person who believes in Nollywood and its revolutionization in no distance time. Yes, I see a Nigerian story that will take the world by storm. A story that will … Continue reading Saving Nollywood

Why You Should Stop Criticising Nollywood

Nollywood makes bad or worst films, yes I agree. None can dispute that, but I wish to tell the critics of Nollywood to find better jobs to do than buying pop corn to laugh out the mistakes of translation of a Yoruba film. Nollywood might have lost its creativity and respect. Yes, it might always … Continue reading Why You Should Stop Criticising Nollywood

Diamond Rosarii

Diamond Rosarii

The proclivity of beauty through colours of oil Struggling subtly but so smoothly to touch you Like butterflies dangling in a flower garden to toil Impasto bold like mountains around the meadow Yet, gracefulness above all traits, is dominant As through the maestro’s rich spreads of paints You’re here in a most prosperous countenance O … Continue reading Diamond Rosarii