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Towards The End At High School 1

CHAPTER 1 The third term examination always put pressure on students, but this time, it was cancelled. The ministry for education decided that student in ss2 should seat for mock examination as their promotion exam to ss3. It came as a surprise everybody had prepared for the exam, I was going through my notes, we … Continue reading Towards The End At High School 1

Where’s My Bass?

Oturu Community High School, is the epitome of excellence when it comes to academic, and social endeavours, in the whole of Oturu, and its environ. It is also popularly known for the different calibre of students it boasts off. One amongst many is Nnamdi – 16 years of age, dark, tall, and with a unique … Continue reading Where’s My Bass?

Sex In the toilet

  ‘I caught my daughter in the toilet, with an older man. Can you imagine’. ‘It happened in the toilet’, she screamed. The entire room, full of staffs of Barbados High, couldn’t help but make remarks with painful faces, as they all joined the woman in chastising her 16 years old daughter. ‘How did it … Continue reading Sex In the toilet

High  School  Romance – 1

High School Romance – 1

Tonye stood in the middle of the corridor leading out of the senior secondary block, searching for someone… anyone that would bail him out of this conversation. “Tee what are you saying now, just walk me home today and instead you’re giving me excuses” Jessica was saying something but Tonye wasn’t paying her any attention; … Continue reading High School Romance – 1