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Sin 10

It was unclear to me why I’d been defensive about Prisca to Jemima. Granted, I’d have done the same thing with any other case. Each student—each case—was different; each demanded the same level of confidentiality. Jemima had no business looking into my case files. She ought to have known better. In the three years we’d … Continue reading Sin 10

Sin 9

Rumbling thunder and pealing lightning killed hope of sleep for Prisca. She’d been awake, tossing in bed for the past two hours. It wasn’t raining outside. The lightning and thunder was the start of Peter White’s Stormfront. The entire track was composed to last only four minutes and nine seconds. A reworked version stretched for … Continue reading Sin 9

Sin 4

Nothing I couldn’t handle! That was my huge mistake. If I’d known what events would unfold after that afternoon, I’d never have uttered those fateful words. In doing that, I broke Murphy’s Law and dared the Fates. The noble gentleman and the sister Greek goddesses of destiny decided to do something about my smugness. Clotho … Continue reading Sin 4

What I Never Told You – A Review

What I Never Told You – A Review

I walked into the bookshop to check a title for a friend and ended up picking another for myself. It was a small book of just 88 pages coauthored by Michael MacDonald and Titus Ndiritu Kihara published in 2012 by The Paulines Africa. On the blurb of the book was written “What I Never Told … Continue reading What I Never Told You – A Review