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And Another Love Story (6)

Last Episode Here There had never been an issue that gripped his heart as much as his current predicament. Even when the robbers had raped his beloved wife right in his presence, he had not felt this much broken. In his life, he had yearned for perfection; Tina came very close to it, but she … Continue reading And Another Love Story (6)

My Girlfriend’s Diary

It was a fancy book. One of those thick covered note books that had like hundred leaves in them and across the pages, a big ‘2015” was inscribed on it, in red ink. The book was brown, obviously leather-made with a belt across; but in front, towards the right corner of the book was a … Continue reading My Girlfriend’s Diary


Eyes Misty Glassy Foggy Tears Trickling in Slow motion Cascading Trailing new paths Downwards   Heart Spluttering Stopping Picking up Laboring Sweating Via the eyes   Waves Of pain Billowing Crashing Overwhelming Submerging   Gasps Of breath Caught in mid air Halting Sighs Chest constricted In agony Heart bleeding tears of Love lost