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Episode Four *** “There was a mishap along East- West road this morning. Nobody knew exactly how it happened, but a bus filled with student coming back from a church programme in Port Harcourt skidded off the tarmac and ran into a tree in the nearby bushes. One student died on the spot, the others … Continue reading THE MIRACLE PEDDLER [Episode IV]


Episode Three *** It was 7:45 p.m and the massive church auditorium was already packed to capacity. Large crowds had occupied the whole church area. Buses loaded with miracle seekers turned in their numbers into the venue. Traffic gridlocks had no end as the only access road was on a lock down. One could hear … Continue reading THE MIRACLE PEDDLER [Episode III]


Episode One *** 2:30 p.m, tuesday and the expected call just came through. Being the last week of the month, Pastor Kay was coming into Uyo from Port Harcourt and that was good news. Here was another chance to hustle him, have fun and rake some cool dough in at the end of the week; … Continue reading THE MIRACLE PEDDLER [Episode I]

If My People Pray…

Pray for your country! Leave Merlin and Harry potter and Vampire diaries. I’m watching the enemy wave imminent destruction in our faces and we ignore the threat like rookies. Pray for your country! Kim Kardashian doesn’t know you and probably never will. Whether or not you spend idle hours yakking about the flaws of others … Continue reading If My People Pray…

The Runner

Chinwe loved people and was equally loved. Her dark skin, delicate features, bright eyes and keen intelligence made her a composite of beauty. Her modest fifteen-year old world was picture perfect until that night when the news came that her father had been killed by a hit-and-run driver. It was barely two weeks to her … Continue reading The Runner

Real Love Story . . . The Merciful God

  The young physician, moved by a great sense of passion, he went further and addressed God, though with an intended wild bitterness and anguish of his heart, but his spirit speak the words faster and piously that he could bring himself to understand. He said “Oh God, if You were merciful, in Your illimitable … Continue reading Real Love Story . . . The Merciful God

What I Never Told You – A Review

What I Never Told You – A Review

I walked into the bookshop to check a title for a friend and ended up picking another for myself. It was a small book of just 88 pages coauthored by Michael MacDonald and Titus Ndiritu Kihara published in 2012 by The Paulines Africa. On the blurb of the book was written “What I Never Told … Continue reading What I Never Told You – A Review