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The Defender

Darkness around, silent voices I heard, took me minutes before I could figure out I had to open my eyes and see that the sun was still shining bright in the centre of the sky, I could feel serious pains around my head, I turned sideways and my eyes was directly facing his black dirty … Continue reading The Defender

The Guest Chapter 10

“Well she does look a bit like her, but u should know, that secretary had a Central African accent, and my Anna does not. So I suggest we drop this conversation right now.” “Ok I will.” Tim rubbed his forehead with the back of his palm. “So let’s see, today is Thursday. See you on … Continue reading The Guest Chapter 10

A Tale of Him and Her

  She had no identity and he had too many. They met by what they believed was chance’s manipulation, on the day marking the apex of their individual frustrations with the lives they’d been leading for more years than they cared to count. With everyday that passed for those years to grow, life’s value became … Continue reading A Tale of Him and Her

Not Fani-kayode, Not Kalu, Neither Yorubas Nor Igbos…

THE CRUX…NOT FANI-KAYODE, NOT KALU, NEITHER YORUBAS NOR IGBOS. Stories remain one of the best and most pedagogical brands of all-time. And I remember, albeit hazily, one of such which I heard as a child at the feet of my mother, aunt or grandmother. My memory fails me on the exact identity of the storyteller … Continue reading Not Fani-kayode, Not Kalu, Neither Yorubas Nor Igbos…