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And Another Love Story (8) FINAL EPISODE

  Previous Episodes? Click here Tina hadn’t thought that she would spend the following five days at Mr. Rollins’ beautiful duplex. Tokunbo Rollins was a rich business mogul; tall, dark and very handsome but quite unmarried after a devastating experience in his first attempt at marriage. He had only been married for two years when … Continue reading And Another Love Story (8) FINAL EPISODE

Tales of Tera- EPILOGUE

EPILOGUE Mark could hear the racket the moment he opened the front door of Yinka’s house. It was seven years after his reconciliation with Tera; he had obtained a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in management,and was elected as the Acting CEO of his father’s conglomerate,ever since the septuagenarian man retired from his position. He laughed … Continue reading Tales of Tera- EPILOGUE