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Now, You’re Gone

Now you’re gone, I can see clearly And feel the thrusts of new truths Break the hymen of a veiled mind’s eye. These emotions that were suppressed Are waxing strong since you’re now gone. for my sails are spreading out and confidence is catching wind In new truths and wild gusts Notching like gales in … Continue reading Now, You’re Gone

Running Thoughts From a Mind: Our GrandFather is Gone

Titus remains dead. They all said he was in the hospital when death’s angel dealt the last blow. Our grandfather had his hands open to all. Caring and Giving to all, all who chanced on him. Then they called him a good man. That’s their chatter of him. Helping and lifting the poor out of … Continue reading Running Thoughts From a Mind: Our GrandFather is Gone

Winter’s Choice

We sat in silence. I was overly cautious of everything, not shifting my shoulder on which her head rested, regulating my breathing as on my chest, though not bare, she placed one of her hands and slowly and sensually, she stroked. And my face and chin, the tickling ensuing her stroking of my untended and … Continue reading Winter’s Choice