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Boss Lady – Chapter One

Rosie closed her eyes as a few tear drops glided down each cheek from the edge of her eyes. The words she had just heard crushed her from within. They resounded in her head like someone had placed them on repeat. Her heart could not bear the questions racing through her mind… Have I just … Continue reading Boss Lady – Chapter One

Mary Joe

The Portal

YEAR 1996 CE Udia was destined to give birth to the girl who would end the world. Her screams, intense and ear splitting as the shrill call of a banshee, reverberated through the corridors of the hospital. She flailed with impotent rage at the professional hands that guided the gurney down the length of the … Continue reading The Portal


Up to the waist, she was one word—stunning. Perfectly manicured toes varnished in blood-red nail polish lay among coloured straps of leather that approximated as shoes. Her ankles rode into long, slender ebony legs that seemed to go on forever. They terminated inches well above her knees, interrupted by the thin hem of an ultra … Continue reading Sin