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read part one here: http://www.naijastories.com/2019/05/the-chronicles-of-koruga/ But, this news of my father meant little to me. As far as I was concerned, he was a distant memory I knew nothing about. As I mused and ate, a flurry of commotion broke out in the lunch and she walked in. Everyone was afraid of her and as … Continue reading THE CHRONICLES OF KORUGA Part 2.


The Russian Connection (14): On ‘Kurt’s’ Side

Year: 2042 Month: July Day: 26 Location:  Motel 6 – Harrisonburg, Virginia Horus and Ketra sat and talked for hours, breathing in the cold air.  A radiation draft was due in the next 24 hours.  When it hit, the frozen landscape would be turned into a cooking, poisonous hell.  For now, the two of them … Continue reading The Russian Connection (14): On ‘Kurt’s’ Side

Biafra 2020

I’d seen many beautiful girls before but I’d never seen any as beautiful and as ukwulicious as this girl. She was a yellow pawpaw. The type of yellow that no bleaching cream could give. She was so graceful in her movement. Her ukwu moving up and down, left and right like the hips of a … Continue reading Biafra 2020

Naija 2060: Season One: Episode Two: The Praying Mantis

Episode 2:  The Praying Mantis Day: 1 Month: February Year: 2060 Time: 8:30 PM Nonso was having a good time.  He’d lost track of how many girls he’d danced with or indeed how many numbers he’d been able to get. Some of the prospects looked very promising indeed.  Who needed a girlfriend when you could … Continue reading Naija 2060: Season One: Episode Two: The Praying Mantis

Adam Bala: 1

Adam Bala: 1

THE FIGHT AT SCHOOL! Introduction It is the year 3012. Man and Alien now dwell together; or rather, mankind has become slaves to aliens in a subtle way. The aliens are better at all things. At leadership, they have all the mental acumen needed, at sports, their bodies are well suited and worst of all; … Continue reading Adam Bala: 1