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journey to fulfilment

The House of Tiny People

A house of tiny People and other short stories… Waking up was no longer the pleasure it used to be for Ayomide. There’s a fleeting moment when she’s whole again but it evaporates faster than shear butter melting from the impact of a sun. Then her lids that drooped with sleep would snap violently open … Continue reading The House of Tiny People

Romance Could Be Hilarious- 2.

The nightclub was alive. The kind of ‘Lagos friday night alive’, if not for his sure and guiding arms , wound round her, Tina was sure she would have bumped hard, into one of the many dancers on the dance floor. A slim girl with long multi – coloured braids, reaching down to her slim … Continue reading Romance Could Be Hilarious- 2.

Memoirs of A Repentant Slut. . . . 2

. . . And there I stood, it wasn’t a dream. It was me staring into the bulging faces of Mama Seun and the beautiful ‘gbeboruns’ of No. 5 pretentiously referred to as neighbours. Staring at each other, we were both lost for words for few minutes. The meeting was so awkward and it was … Continue reading Memoirs of A Repentant Slut. . . . 2

Child Story (1)

In the late 70s and mid-80s, it was wonderful to be a kid in Northern Nigeria. We had a pleasant childhood. You know all those adventures you read and day dreamed about? We had them all. Now, if all the adventures you read about were all Enid Blyton, flying broomsticks and brooks and meadows and … Continue reading Child Story (1)

Between Her Sheets [4]: Catastrophe épique!

  Oh bollocks! ‘What does he want now?’ I mused. I decided to ignore him, that will teach him! He is so full of himself yet I notice the way he looks at me, and throw snide remarks or lewd innuendos my way. Then, in another instance he muffs his handsome face into serious concentration … Continue reading Between Her Sheets [4]: Catastrophe épique!

The Feast of Mediocrity

The Feast of Mediocrity

Okonkwo broke no chalk or slate But he spoke big grammar and walked Like torotoro in the market place With a hung placard written bombastic! His tie dangling in a suicidal poise Beneath his straight-cut goatee   “Processor” he so called himself Though he meant professor Professor of presidency to be precise “I am the minisciry” he bragged Minister of … Continue reading The Feast of Mediocrity