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Feet dipped in salt water, Aimlessly making ripples that can’t be worse than those stored in the heart. Eyes gazing far away into the distance, Emotions all sodiumized from an instance. Sitting by the ocean shore, working an absent mind to be present, While the spirit is invalid and the body defines itself as a … Continue reading …Drowning

To Those Who Sit In Dark Places

To those who sit and dark places, To plot the downfall of the just. To those who gather with hidden faces, To cause nothing to the righteous but a fall. Posterity says it has not slept or forgotten; Nemesis has just one message: ‘I am coming.’ To those who sit in high places, Looting and stealing collective resources without … Continue reading To Those Who Sit In Dark Places

Chained Tongues, Imprisoned Minds

Chained tongues, imprisoned minds, People who have lived their lives their humanity trying to find, People who would rather give up than stand up and fight, People who have lived too long in darkness they can’t see the light. Chained tongues, imprisoned minds, Birds of a feather; they’re one of a kind, Burdened with problems, … Continue reading Chained Tongues, Imprisoned Minds

Don’t call me free (when I’m still in chains)

Don’t call me free, when chains are all around me. Don’t call me independent, when on others I still rely. Don’t call me innocent, when my hands are stained with blood. Don’t call me free, when I’m still in chains. Don’t preach peace to me, when war is all around me. Don’t force me to be at peace when … Continue reading Don’t call me free (when I’m still in chains)