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Prima Facie 3

As Anita’s car disappeared into the distance Austin hurriedly retraced his steps back to his apartment. Tucking her pink nylon panty into his back pocket he shouldered open his unlocked door and paced into his flat. Dipping his hand into his rucksack lying beside his study desk he fetched his car keys and hastily made … Continue reading Prima Facie 3

Heads You Lose; Hearts You Win. (Part 4 – Finale)

He’d been trying to reach her since the very onset of the plot but the loud nature of their jubilation over her imminent fall kept her conveniently distracted, thus she shook off his every warning and nudging as though He were the bothersome distraction. The others mocked Him and had a wonderful time while at … Continue reading Heads You Lose; Hearts You Win. (Part 4 – Finale)

flames of vengeance :20 (finale)

Forgiveness, I was torn within, I didn’t know if I should forgive Ladidi or not, what she did was unimaginable, what I also did was unfair, how can a human being do that to another let alone a wife to her husband, its no consolation that she suffered through it all, it was no consolation … Continue reading flames of vengeance :20 (finale)

The Runner

Chinwe loved people and was equally loved. Her dark skin, delicate features, bright eyes and keen intelligence made her a composite of beauty. Her modest fifteen-year old world was picture perfect until that night when the news came that her father had been killed by a hit-and-run driver. It was barely two weeks to her … Continue reading The Runner