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She’s Just 9!

“Hello?” Someone said in a very attractive locution. I was struck by the familiar yet strange voice. I stopped short, my journey to the bathroom became suddenly irrelevant until I satisfied my curiosity. I crawled behind the cream curtains that divided the sitting room from the narrow passage and peeked. There she was! Pacing to … Continue reading She’s Just 9!

Journey of Hearts

LOVE IN PARTS (A Short Story by Poet Razon-Anny Justin) It was a sultre afternoon. The noise of the hawkers rended the already hot air into bits. They cooed and hissed and whistled; attracting passengers and passersby to their wares. The bus was uncomfortably hot too. It would’ve been better if she was not sandwiched … Continue reading Journey of Hearts

Paul’s Dream in a Palindrome

Paul’s Dream in a Palindrome

“Nurses run!” “Murder for a jar of red rum.” “Peep! Peep! Peep!” “Goddamn mad dog.” “Peep! Peep!” Mr. Paul Asukwu startled out of slumber. He has been having sleepless nights; so much was on his mind. The company he works in is giving ground to automation and his wife is in her first round…. Paul … Continue reading Paul’s Dream in a Palindrome