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flames of vengeance :20 (finale)

Forgiveness, I was torn within, I didn’t know if I should forgive Ladidi or not, what she did was unimaginable, what I also did was unfair, how can a human being do that to another let alone a wife to her husband, its no consolation that she suffered through it all, it was no consolation … Continue reading flames of vengeance :20 (finale)

Flames of vengeance: 18

The pungent smell of urine reeked, I felt sick from the stomach but nothing was to there to throw up, I felt a poke from behind and I steadied myself to avoid falling into the bucket that housed the natural waste of all inmates. ‘Barbie doll carry dah tin joor, abi you tink say na … Continue reading Flames of vengeance: 18

Flames of vengeance: 17

Tanko’s forehead creased more by the passing second, as if he was being drawn into a bottomless pit. Abhas and I waited patiently for him to talk finally he did but not what we expected. ‘This is strange, really strange.’ He said like we didn’t already know. ‘We know that, have you found my sister?’ … Continue reading Flames of vengeance: 17

Flames of vengeance : 16

‘You’re good for nothing.’ ‘Yes I know, where is your good for something son, messed up.’ ‘You’ll never be half the man he was.’ ‘Yes I agree, especially under women’s skirts.’ ‘How am I not sure you orchestrated his downfall.’ ‘Nooooo he did this himself, all by himself, infact am done handling your broke company … Continue reading Flames of vengeance : 16