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Forbidden Love (episode 6)

If you haven’t read the previous episode, please click episode 5 Continuation….. “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Meso…..,” I opened my eyes to my family singing right beside my bed. I couldn’t believe days had gone by and it was my birthday all of a sudden. I covered my face with … Continue reading Forbidden Love (episode 6)

Caricature Of A Lonely Heart 8

Brenda looked away when she saw Sean coming towards her and the taxi-driver. The driver was still asking for his money. He was beginning to be nasty towards Brenda. She had not expected it of him. He seemed nice when she took his cab but the man in front of her wasn’t anywhere near nice. … Continue reading Caricature Of A Lonely Heart 8

Caricature Of A Lonely Heart: 4

Everything else started in earnest after that. They were welcomed and introduced to the students. As always, many of the students had taken to divalicious Julia. The girls liked her sense of style and the little scarves she ties around her neck. And the boys, well, talk about teen crushes. “Some people think they are … Continue reading Caricature Of A Lonely Heart: 4

When Evil Walks: 1

It was five o’clock in the Morning and the cocks were still not fully up. She was cold but she knew she had no choice but to be in that weather or else she would not get to where she was going early enough. To her, Ogun state was a far, far away place and … Continue reading When Evil Walks: 1