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Feminism and the Home

Feminism and the Home

These crusaders of “GIVE WOMEN A CHANCE”, “WOMEN DESERVE TO BE HEARD”, and all these GENDER EQUALIZATION sh*t should also not forget to tell their followers to excercise caution while fighting for their supposed rights. Several women were gathered for such hideous campaign and the convener who happened to be a divorcee having lost the … Continue reading Feminism and the Home

Between Earning Shekels And Being Wedded

  Their words: I can’t marry a man who earns 200,000 or less. This is the topic trending hot on social networks all over the web. It has caused a mayhem, which rocks Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere. I met this one girl and after few flings we settled into the same argument. ***********************************************”Hey Bae!”, I … Continue reading Between Earning Shekels And Being Wedded

Our Mother Is Barren

Mama  joined the group in front of the Pastor. “What is Mama doing!”, Ella blurted. An usher frowned at her, but she went on, “wasn’t the altar-call for barren women?”. “Shh!”, Papa shunned, looking at us. His eyes were like hot-ice. That hot-coldness was there at the birth of the last-born. He had hissed, “girl … Continue reading Our Mother Is Barren