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Hello guys, how you all doing. I really want to appreciate the members of Naijastories.com for their support in every way. since i joined this forum, it has being more fun as i got exposed to many more writings. I know you have seen quite a few of my writings but this one is very … Continue reading Crush

F.E.A.R (Part 2)

Maybe it was the interviewer’s AC that was malfunctioning or the prospect of having to (effectively) sign my life away. But whatever it was, that heat was hotter than N1000 Suya consumed at 12noon inside a jam-packed Moluwe…in stand-still traffic. Where’s a lawyer when you need one? I had practised all damn night for this … Continue reading F.E.A.R (Part 2)

Whistle of Death: Scream of a Thousand Corpses – Episode 2

I felt like I was being raped, and yes, by a woman and by my fear. Nyenwa was irresistible, simply irresistible. It was difficult to withsit or gainstay her. I was trying to loosen myself from her touch, but I was pinned. I was supposed to enjoy this, but no! My feelings were swinging from … Continue reading Whistle of Death: Scream of a Thousand Corpses – Episode 2


Amidst rising smoke and beating drums, the priestess staggered to the haunting beat. Her wrists and ankles richly adorned with cowries and brightly coloured beads. Her hair wrapped in a thickly knotted red cloth with another, knotted tightly above her ample bossom as she continued to stagger in drunken stupor. She was supposed to be … Continue reading Abiku?